“I have been flying R/C’s since 2015, I started off with a micro P51 after attending an airshow and realizing how much I was itching to do R/C’s again. A month later, I ordered my first heli’s, a Blade MCPX BL and a Hobbyking 450. Heli’s bit hard and havent let go since.”

Current Fleet: Oxy 2 FE, Oxy 3, Oxy 3 TE, Gaui X3, Logo 480xx, Synergy E5s, Synergy N5c, Logo 690sx, Synergy N7, Synergy 766

Daniel Merino

I have been in this addicting hobby since 2014 starting with boats then planes and after finding out about helis I was hooked. Im currently doing helis and dabbling in some FPV and my feet changes what feels like every month. My favorite thing about the hobby other than flying is the great group of people that are in this hobby and how much there is always to learn.

Dylan Hudock

I have been in this great hobby for 14 years now. I started with nitro airplanes and was content with them until I went to a heli funfly. It was all over after that, and have been flying helis pretty much exclusively for 10 years now. I eat, sleep, and breath helis and really enjoy the comradery of the heli community!

Javier Moreno (the first HB Pilot)

I have been flying since March 31st, 2015. I started with a Fixed Pitch Blade 200 SRX which is very easy to fix, and is a very good overall helicopter. I then moved to a Blade 360 CFX, a Blade 230S, a second Blade 360 CFX, and sold them to get my first Goblin 380. After that I got another Goblin 380 and ended up trading it for an Oxy 3 Tareq Edition. Then I purchased the Goblin 420 on release day and later got a good deal on a Goblin 500 (original version) and converted it to a Sport before even flying it. My current fleet consists of a Goblin 380, Goblin 420 and Goblin 500 Sport. I consider myself still a newbie as there are still tons to learn on this hobby and I can’t call myself a pilot until I master all the basic orientations, which to me is a MUST to gain proficiency at flight. I enjoy this hobby tremendously, both for the challenge and for the people. I have received so much help from so many people on this hobby that I always like to share whatever little I know and help in any way I can to any fellow pilot.