SP-OXY2-076 – OXY2-Stretch Kit, Combo


SP-OXY2-076 – OXY2-Stretch Kit, Combo

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OXY Heli in cooperation with Lynx Heli Innovations always look to improve the way to fly and give exciting alternatives.

OXY 2, our second kit experience, just confirm OXY and Lynx high quality standards.

Long time ago Lynx introduce firsts “the stretch” upgrade giving the possibility to radically transform the Heli standard..

Fly a “stretched” kit is not like fly the std… someone like someone not, but because we want satisfy more customers preference as possible, OXY 2 per design can magically, with small investment, radically transformed and be ready for the stretch upgrade.

Increasing the blade length, the loading disc / in fly weight ratio change drastically.

OXY 2 standard kit have 190mm Main Blade , is quick and perfect for small fly spot, going stretch the 210mm reduce disc loading ratio over 20%, increase OXY 2 size and his standard behavior.

Significant Stretch Pros and Cons Characteristic (Compared Standard 190 Kit)


  • More collective response, pops and aggressive fly characteristics are guarantee.
  • Possibility to reduce Head Speed for long and smooth fly.
  • Possibility to use bigger Battery (3s 1000 or 4s 860).
  • Possibility to use bigger motor or generally heavy and more reliable servos.
  • Increased in fly size, increase visibility.



  • Possibility of extra current draw and consequent reduced fly time.
  • Reduce agility caused from larger Heli size.


If you like fly in big open space, we are sure the OXY 2 Stretch upgrade will satisfy your need.

Stretch kit come with 2 different Main Blade Set.

Orange Plastic 210 Main Blade: This Blade are flexible and very crash resistance, and are recommended for relative low Head Speed, Max 3800 rpm.

Black Carbon Plastic 210 Main Blade are stiffer than Plastic one and can handle higher Head Speed, Max 4300 rpm.

For Higher Head Speed (> 4300 rpm) or Pro performance we recommend Zeal CF Main Blade 210 mm.



1 x OXY 2 – Stretch Timing Belt.

1 x OXY 2 – Stretch Tail Boom (Pre-Assembled with Tail Push Rod Guide)

1 x OXY 2 – Stretch Tail Push Rod.

1 Set OXY 2 – 210 Plastic Blade, Orange Color.

1 Set OXY 2 – 210 Carbon Plastic Blade, Black Color.


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