OXY3 Tareq Edition KIT


OXY3 Tareq Edition KIT

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Designed by Oxy Heli and Lynx for Tareq Alsaadi.

From the Oxy Heli beginning, Tareq has helped on testing. Thanks to his pilot skills and Heli experience, he returns the best fly report and suggestions necessary for the project definition.

Once Oxy 3 kit was released, Tareq along with Lynx and Oxy, they start cooperating in order to increase with special upgrades and optional parts for the already high level standard kit performance.

Now with Tareq, Oxy Heli and Lynx offer for you all his Special Edition Kit, The Oxy 3 – Tareq Edition.

Basic Tareq request for his Oxy 3:

1- Increase the size of the standard Oxy 3 – 255 with a Stretch Kit up to 285 mm main blade.

2- Request of higher Head Speed, up to 4500 rpm on Stretch.

3- Replace some standard kit plastic parts with high precision aluminum CNC parts and increase rigidity and wear resistance.

4- Redesign Standard Canopy with a new low volume design to increase fly speed and reduce drag.

5- Reduce Canopy weight using 100% 3K Carbon Fiber composites – (30% lightweight compare standard oxy canopy).

6- Made the Oxy 3 Tareq Edition Kit not only more performance and stronger to handle superior power and pilot skills, but also made it with a different look using new material anodize finish and new racing color composition (Orange / Black / Carbon).