OXY3-QUBE – Oxy 3 Helicopter Kit 3 Head + 3 Head System


OXY3-QUBE – Oxy 3 Helicopter Kit 3 Head + 3 Head System

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Main features

Heli designed for intense 3D performance:

– Ultra rigid frame

– Triple main shaft supports

– Quality injection molded plastics

– Lightweight, high visibility and high-end airbrush canopy from Canomod

– Autorotation integrated into main gear hub

Main rotor

Tree Head Blade System

– Semi rigid DFC head system (default Head) for precise performance and optional parts for easy FBL head system conversion.

– Thrust bearings in main and tail grips

– Oversize hardened spindle

– Ball raced 120° CCPM serviceable swash plate

– Swashplate linkages optimized geometry

– 3 x 255 mm CF ZEAL Energy Series Main Blade

Tail system

Tree Tail Blade System

– Belt drive tail (low parts count and low crash cost)

– Innovative delta box tail boom with no requirement for boom supports

– Tail optimized to minimize vibration and servo load at high tail speed

– CNC tail pulley with pretension pulley system

– Rigid carbon fiber 3mm diameter tail push rod for the increased tail control

– 3 x 47 mm OXY HELI Plastic Tail blade