Oxy 2 190 Sport Edition Kit


Oxy 2 Sport Edition

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With over 5 months of final testing. We are now ready to release the Oxy 2 190 Sport.

Featuring same design as the original 190 FE, but using a special technopolymer for some parts. We replaced almost all the Aluminum parts with Inject plastic parts.

Oxy 2 190 Sport uses the standard Lexan painted canopy and all these changes results in reduced total kit weight of 25g.

The Oxy 2 190 Sport with its aggressive retail price and low cost spares, becomes the entry level of the Oxy 2 editions.

We don’t think about a “cheap” Oxy Heli, no way!

We design each parts to satisfy any pilot level.

This edition can be upgraded or “blinged” with the Std Oxy 2 FE series parts.



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