MSH Brain2 Flybarless System


MSH Brain2 Flybarless System

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The next generation of Brain2 Flybarless systems is here!  Featuring 6 different hardware versions optimized for different applications, and robust enough to work in any setup from 180 to 900mm size models.

Some of the exciting new features of the Brain2 system include:

  • 4x faster CPU with increased memory and flash
  • Logging capability (up to 50hz sampling rate with 10 simultaneous variables)
  • Telemetry Integrated for the Most popular ESC’s and radios
  • Full integration with Jeti Radios. Configure Brain2 on the fly and receive full telemetry
  • Built in Bluetooth for connecting wireless to iPhone, Android, or PC (Only on Brain2BT and Brain2BT HD)
  • In flight vibration logging
  • In flight event logging
  • New Rescue feature (auto learning/calibration)
  • iPhone, Android, or PC configuration/tuning applications
  • Jeti Transmitter integration (Coming summer 2016)

Of course Brain2 includes the legendary flight performance of Brain1, full governor for Nitro/Electric, and support for most model types.  Brain2 is easily configured using the PC application, iPhone, or Android phone/tablets.


4x the performance, 4x storage, hardware acceleration.  Ready for years of feature enhancements.


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