DS215MG-V3 – KST Digital Servo – V3

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DS215MG-V3 – KST Digital Servo – V3

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KST Digital Technology Limited is one of the designers and manufactures which can supply to R/C world of many different electronic kits, and Lynx select this performant high speed heli servo.

Now available on Version 3 with Titanium super Heavy Duty Gears.




– This edition is the last one, called V3 , Titanium Heavy Duty Gear – For spare Gear Use Dedicated V3 Gear Set.

– Body Case:  Aluminum alloy shell

– Gears: V3 Titanium Heavy Duty

– Stall Torque: witch 7.4V, with 6.0V, with 4.8V

– Speed: 0.05 sec/60° with 7.4V, 0.06 sec/60° with 6.0V, 0.07 sec/60° with 4.8V

– Frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 800us-2200us

– Voltage Rating 4.5 to 7.4V – Coreless Motor

– Dimensions and Weight: 23.1 mm wide x 12 mm thick x 27.4 mm high – 20.5g



1 x DS215MG-V3 Servo

1 x Hardware bag with servo arm and screws


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