About US

Hi everyone,


My name is Jason and I started Hobby Boost in 2016 to fulfill a life long dream of owning my own small business.  I’ve been involved with rc helis since 2011 and they have become a big part of my life.  Basing a store around my passion for helis was risky due to the downturn in popularity helis have suffered in the last few years, but I love a good challenge.

Hobby Boost is a small, family run business located in upper Wisconsin.  My wife (the love of my life) helps me with packaging and making sure the right parts get to the right people.  My very young son also makes sure there are no mistakes. 🙂  I’ve met many, many great guys that share the same passion for rc helis as I do.  I love meeting you guys in person at funflys, it’s just awesom!  It’s difficult to compete with the big dogs but we do our best to stay competitive and keep our customers happy.

Thanks for choosing us to be your supplier of heli gear!